Emergency logistics including professional assembly

We ensure that your important transport goods arrive safely at their destination in the fastest possible way and are also assembled by an experienced expert.


Assembly service technician FluxOBC
If your customer not only needs a spare part by the quickest route, but also personnel to carry out the installation or repair, you have come to the right place. With a service technician we assure you not only transport but also reliable installation.
Whether supporting or solely responsible, we fulfil the tasks we have taken on worldwide, even in countries with special safety instructions, and have technicians and engineers who are immediately ready to work for you.

In the case of scheduled service assignments, we are happy to offer you the opportunity to have our technicians complete a training course at your premises. This makes planning difficulties for your personnel a thing of the past. Of course, we are also available to you worldwide as an on-side manager.

Thus, Flux' Technical Service accompanies you through the entire process, during planning, collection, delivery and also during installation or repair. Whether it's from Austria to the USA, from Berlin to Beijing or from Hamburg to Tokyo: In addition to technical service, our on-board courier service ensures that missing machine parts reach you as quickly as possible.